Metanoia, Pt. I

by Andrew Judah

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released June 6, 2016

Written, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Andrew Judah at his home in Kelowna, BC, Canada

Drums - Zac Gauthier
Upright bass on "Blinding Light" - Jonathan Tromsness
Cover Art - Anthony David


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Andrew Judah Kelowna, British Columbia

Canadian musician Andrew Judah is obsessed with two things. Painting with sound, and the search for meaning. A restless creator, known for his combination of memorable pop melodies and complex musical arrangements.

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Track Name: Die
live alone ‘till you die
I don’t care about you no more
you can go to hell and burn alive
and I won’t cry at all
Track Name: Hell?
you were just what I needed
that’s what everyone said
so I wanted to meet you

almost love at first sight
introduced by a friend
so I thought that I knew you

I have something to ask you
that I couldn't back then
I am over it now

if I’m one of your children
if I’m right or I'm wrong
should it matter at all

what if I go out searching
and I wonder too far
will you let me back in

or will you call me a Thomas
or a peter? a Judas?
will you call me your friend

or will you send me to hell?
for the ways that I’m different
for the hopes you put in me
for the doubts in my mind
for my passage through time
for the place I was born in
for the home I was raised in
and the people who love me
do you love me at all?

you were just what I needed
thats what everyone said
so I wanted to meet you

now I’m too scared to leave you
but I still don’t believe you
I’m afraid of the dark
Track Name: Blinding Light
blinding light that knows no sleep
I run from you, you burn my feet
in the shade I find no sleep
your heavy shadow smothers me

darkness falls but I don’t sleep
I wait for you, you wait for me
lonely speck, the pale blue dot
spins round and round as I depart

who am I apart from you
a better man? prodigal son?
staggering beyond belief
your arms reach out to strangle me

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