Metanoia, Pt. VI

by Andrew Judah

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released November 29, 2016

Written, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Andrew Judah at his home in Kelowna, BC, Canada

Drums - Zac Gauthier
Cover Art - Anthony David


all rights reserved



Andrew Judah Kelowna, British Columbia

Canadian musician Andrew Judah is obsessed with two things. Painting with sound, and the search for meaning. A restless creator, known for his combination of memorable pop melodies and complex musical arrangements.


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Track Name: Through You
I am me
I am no-one else and cannot be
so let it bleed
fill the page again or atrophy

does it read
like indifference or sincerity
I am free
I was blind but now I sort of see
through you

well it doesn’t really bother me
we can be
worst of friends or best of enemies

can you read
in-between the lines of revery
I am free
I was blind but now I sort of see

through you

am I repeating myself over and over
at night I’m always turning over and over
a voice in my head
whispers to me
sends me a message of love
like this song
voice in my head
please leave me be
or send me a message of love
like this song, like this song, like this song...
Track Name: Stare Into The Sun
I’m either stressed or just bored
can’t decide
not sure if I’ll ever be

toe the line
draw the line

am I a stick in the mud
maybe it’s all in the blood

toe the line
draw the line

sometimes I stare into the sun
I dream that I could run
I really want to run away

toe the line
draw the line
Track Name: Ricochet
holy night
deja vu
foolish holiday

blinding light
find the shade
out of view
plan my getaway

sleepless nights
lonely days
thoughts of you
lead me astray

out of sight
far away
gone from you
finally got away

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